Listen to this podcast and learn about British manners and how they may be changing.

Use the glossary to help you understand difficult words.


What are homophones?

Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings, e.g. 'flower' and 'flour'.
You need to learn these words as there are no spelling rules to help you remember them.
Here is a list of common homophones.
Try now the exercises in the worksheets:
worksheet 1, answers
worksheet 2, answers
Now it´s time to have some fun! Play the Pairs Word Game and learn when to use and spell these words correctly.
You must be ready to take the homophones quiz. There are three different levels of difficulty...


Welcome to our global garden: a place of beauty and wonder which explores humankind's dependence on natural resources.

If you´ve missed the class today you can download the worsheet and do the activity.


Forty years after the Equal Pay Act, surveys still show women are getting paid significantly less than men for similar work.
Have you ever experienced discrimination? Do you believe there are certain jobs a woman can't do?
Watch out for this brightly coloured video pod which will be travelling the country this week to film people who want to give their views about working women.