Listen to Ian Pearson talking about the internet and the use we can make of it.

1. What is a futurologist´s job?
2. What is cyberbliss?
3. What´s positive of using the internet according to Ian Pearson? And negative?
4. How does he define 'utopia' and 'hell'?
5. Which 'battle' does he mention?

Check your answers and listen again while you read the transcript.

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What does your ring tone say about you?

The piece of modern technology which has had the biggest impact is something which most of us carry with us almost everywhere. You probably have one in your bag or your pocket. I am of course talking about mobile phones. Listen to this podcast about this topic.

Then you can do the quiz. It´s about the abbreviations we use when texting. Good luck!

Wanted - a new patron saint for England

St. George's Day is on 23 April. It is England´s National Day.

It is also the second most important National Feast in Catalonia, where the day is known in Catalan as La Diada de Sant Jordi and it is traditional to give a rose and a book to a loved one. This tradition inspired UNESCO to declare this the International Day of the Book, since April 23, 1616 was also the date of death of both the English playwright William Shakespeare and the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes.

But do the English feel this is the most appropriate patron saint for their country?

Listen to this podcast and do the quiz.


Page 56, exercise 2 c.
1. T
2. F (There are more skyscrapers in Shangai than on the entire west coast of the USA.
3. F (Liu Zhang thinks the city has changed a lot)
4. T
5. F (Fewer people in Beijing are cycling to work these days)
6. T


1. 1B 2A
2. 1b 2a 3b 4a 5a 6b 7b 8a 9 10a 11a 12b
3. 1. remember 2. avoid;arguing 3. expects; miss
4. 2. lost 3. remind 4. discussing 5. prevent 6. lend 7. miss 8. avoid

A British Passion

The typically British pastime of queuing is discussed in this feature. Apparently attitudes, particularly in London, are changing to this essential feature of ordered British life! But why is this? Listen on to find out.

Download the worsheet and do the comprehension activities.

When you finish you can check your answers.

Listen again and read the transcript.